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Behind every winning strategy...

Every cultural transformation...

Every successful team...

​There is a great leader.

Let's design and delivery a transformational learning experience for your leaders.

Courageous Conversations
virtual and in-person delivery

Create a safe environment and have healthy and productive dialogue even when the topic is challenging.

  • Exploration of what makes some leadership conversations more challenging than others

  • How to create a safe and trusting environment

  • Demonstrating the 3 C's for effective dialogue

  • Application of the courageous conversation's framework (practice and feedback)

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Leading Change
virtual and in-person delivery

The Leading Change Session with the ExperienceChange™ Simulation prepares individuals and teams to lead their people through change in a time of historical business disruption and transformation.

In this guided workshop, participants tackle a realistic change project and engage with the behaviors, tools, and skills that make change happen.

With hands-on practice, a highly-engaging and digitally-driven experience, and expert guidance, participants learn both what to do and how to lead so that people accept, adopt, and maintain change.

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Lead with Presence
virtual and in-person delivery

When we lead in an authentic way, communicate in an engaging and inspiring manner, and connect and align our purpose and intention with others, we are demonstrating executive presence.

Learn the Why, What and How of Executive Presence.

  • Why presence matters (purpose, impact, results)

  • What are the competencies of executive presence (clearly defined and recognizable)

  • How to demonstrate the competencies of executive presence (specific actions, practice and feedback).


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Team Meeting
Emergenetics®  l  Emotional Intelligence
Emergenetics® - Discover The Brilliance of Emergenetics®

You and your personality are the powerful combination of your genetic gifts and your life experiences. Emergenetics provides a distinct view into what makes you tick, as we reveal the ways that you prefer to think and behave. Through seven universal attributes, we provide the blueprint to achieve greater self-awareness, enhance communication and build more productive workplaces.

Emotional Intelligence -  Understand the connection between how we think, feel, and behave.

Emotional intelligence (EQ - emotional quotient) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.