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Executive & Leadership Coaching

What type of leader do you want to be for yourself, your team, and your organization? Let's unlock your unique leadership potential.

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 Coaching Engagements
Leaders must be able to understand themselves, their strengths, and opportunities to successfully lead themselves, lead others, and the organization. 
Coaching provides one-on-one development to enhance capabilities and facilitate a higher level of  performance for you, your team, and your organization.
Bob Lewis has partnered with executives and leaders to grow leadership capabilities, enhance communication skills, enrich interpersonal relationships, and achieve organizational success.
Coaching can be a few sessions or a three, six, or nine month engagement.
Coaching engagements for:
  • Executives
  • Senior Leadership
  • Managers
  • Teams 

The coaching journey involves the following:
Assessment - Where are you currently?Utilization of instruments and tools to clearly identify core strengths, opportunities, and the current landscape. 

Focus  - Where do you want to go?
Identification of primary coaching focus - what do you want to solve and why. 

Exploration - What are the pathways?
Design of a concrete plan that includes specific actions, behaviors, resources, and guidance toward goal achievement.

Ownership/Accountability - How are you navigating?
Application and practice of actions and new behaviors, ongoing feedback, and tracking of progress and achievements.

Transformation - What is your path forward?
Wrapping up the coaching engagement with a focus on outcomes, additional resources, and the identification of a clear path forward.

Bob Lewis brings a high level of energy, passion, and insight to every engagement.  The coaching process ensures the following:


Creating a safe and confidential environment to work on your specific goals and objectives.

Gaining an understanding of you, and what drives you - without judgment or evaluation.

Helping you to honestly and objectively reflect on challenging situations and issues.

Transparency and candor through feedback that holds you accountable for specific goals and plans.

Promoting shifts in your thinking and behaviors that lead to a lasting transformation.

  • Result and outcome focused

  • In-person coaching or virtual

  • Individual or team coaching

Executive & Leader

  • 3 or 6-month engagement
  • 6-12 one-hour sessions
  • 2 sessions per month 
  • Assessment: 360 feedback interviews, EQ i - 2.0, Emergenetics, etc.)
  • May include manager touchpoint

Team: On-Demand

  • Block coaching hours (6, 9, or 12)
  • Coaching hours can be used by multiple teams
  • Sessions scheduled when needed
  • May include team assessment
  • May include manager touchpoint

Leader: On-Demand

  • Block coaching hours (6, 9, or 12)
  • Coaching hours can be used by multiple leaders
  • Sessions scheduled when needed
  • May include assessment
  • May include manager touchpoint
Executive / Leader Coaching Readiness
Coaching readiness plays a vital role in the success of any coaching engagement. Coaching involves a partnership where both parties - coach and executive/leader - devote considerable time, energy, and effort. Are you ready to begin a coaching engagement?